Monday, June 26, 2017

Study guide for final exam!

Class -

Here is a study guide to help you study for the final exam:
Bus95 Spring 2017 Study Guide.pdf

See you this Wednesday at 6pm for the final!!!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

BUS95 Shark Tank tonight!!!!!

Class -

It is Shark Tank night tonight. Remember, if your last name starts with the letters A-H then you are presenting tonight!!! If you are in the group with last name I-Z, you will be presenting next Wednesday - also, you may be able to present tonight if you want and if there is time - let me know!

See you at 6pm in the Shark Tank!!!


A few sample presentations

Class -

Here are a few sample presentations that I went over last week to give you some idea of how you may want to present your Business Idea to the Sharks!!

SAMPLE - TheDect.ppt

SAMPLE - SandwichFlavor.ppt

SAMPLE - SpudStop.key (Note that this presentation is Keynote, not Powerpoint)

Class #9 - S'well, Sample presentations and Venture capital!

Class -

Here are the sides from last week's class:

Class9 - Business 95 - 06-07-2017.pptx

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Slides from Class #7 - Product Development and Delivery, etc

Class -

Here are the slides I covered last week in class:
Class7 - Business 95 - 05-24-2017.pptx

It was great to discuss a few of your business ideas too. I also love how each of you clearly shows a real connection to your idea which is so important for success.

By the way, we will be having our Quiz #2 this Wednesday! It will be on the general material that we have covered to date.

See you tomorrow at 6pm!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

MOD Pizza Harvard Business School case to review for next week

Class -

Here is the MOD Pizza case from the Harvard Business School. Harvard Business School (and Stanford, etc) uses these type of cases to teach business by having one case read per night and then discussed for 90 minutes the next day. By using real life examples of businesses, students learn not only real life business issues and solutions, but they learn details about a business section - such as a pizza store! Please read this case and we will discuss it next Wednesday in class.

HBS - MOD Pizza-A Winning Recipe.pdf

By the way, this is the link to MOD Pizza:

I'll see you class next Wednesday!


Take home Midterm assignment!!! Due by next Wednesday before class!!

In place of a midterm, you have the following take-home assignment:

1. Put your Business Idea down as one sentence or phrase
This is a business idea that you are thinking of that you want to present in the class Shark Tank and the end of the quarter. There is no “perfect” or “bad” idea – if you connect and have passion for the sector that your idea is in, then that is a great start. And remember, you can always change your idea!

2. Describe your Target Market
Remember, Target Market = the group of potential customers selected for marketing first.
i.e. you “target” to aim for. This may not be the largest market segment that you could go after, but it is the market segment that offers you the best chance of initial success.

3. Briefly, mention how your idea address each of the 5 P’s of marketing
Remember from class #5's presentations, the 5 P's are:

You may email this to me or bring it into class next Wednesday to turn in.

Slides from Class #6 - May 17

That was a hot class last night! (I'm mainly referring to the temperature in the classroom, but the business stuff was hot too!)

Here are the slides that I covered:

Class6 - Business 95 - 05-17-2017.pptx

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Great class #5 - May 10

Class -

I think the class was really good how we managed to focus and understand Market Segments and Target Markets.

Here are they slides that I covered in class - all 222 of them!!!
Class5 - Business 95 - 05-10-2017.pptx

I will see you at 6pm tonight!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Phil Knight's 10 Rules for Success

Class -

I forgot to send you this link. Check this out - it is Phil Knight (Nike Co-Founder) talking about his 10 rules that he thinks that companies should follow for the better chance of success:


Monday, April 24, 2017

Class #2 slides and ASSIGNMENT!

Class -

Here are the slides I presented in class #2 (April 19):
Class2 - Business 95 - 04-19-2017.pptx

And here is the assignment that is due this Wednesday in class. I want you to view these 3 short videos on IDEO Labs and then write a paragraph or two describing what really stood out to you in watching the IDEO process of designing a new product. You can turn it in at the beginning of class or you can email it to me.
Here is the link to the IDEO videos:

I will see you in class this Wednesday at 6pm in Room 205!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"The Facebook" and "The Google"

Class -

Remember when I mentioned that Facebook used to be known as "The Facebook". It started out as "The Facebook" - actually "", since it really came from the book version of a Harvard University facebook. The company later changed their name to just "Facebook" or "". Here is one of the stories behind this switch -

Also, as promised, I mentioned: "The Google". No, Google ( wasn't initially "". "The Google" term came from this famous person in this interview:

See you in class today at 6pm, Room 205!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Great first class!

Class -

I enjoyed meeting you last night and I look forward to a great spring quarter class. As promised, here are the slides that I covered yesterday as well as the two handouts I gave you:

Class1 - Business 95 - 04-12-2017.pptx
Bus95 - Class Calendar - Spring 2017.pdf
Bus95 - Greensheet - Spring 2017.pdf

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I will also pass along some things to read before the next class - I will put them on the blog in a day or so.