Thursday, May 18, 2017

Take home Midterm assignment!!! Due by next Wednesday before class!!

In place of a midterm, you have the following take-home assignment:

1. Put your Business Idea down as one sentence or phrase
This is a business idea that you are thinking of that you want to present in the class Shark Tank and the end of the quarter. There is no “perfect” or “bad” idea – if you connect and have passion for the sector that your idea is in, then that is a great start. And remember, you can always change your idea!

2. Describe your Target Market
Remember, Target Market = the group of potential customers selected for marketing first.
i.e. you “target” to aim for. This may not be the largest market segment that you could go after, but it is the market segment that offers you the best chance of initial success.

3. Briefly, mention how your idea address each of the 5 P’s of marketing
Remember from class #5's presentations, the 5 P's are:

You may email this to me or bring it into class next Wednesday to turn in.

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